Bubblegum Pink! Sold out lightning fast and currently in there new homes all across the globe!
'Subliminal Criminal' - Stencil Edt of 8 (Miami Vice Colour Way) 
Available exclusively through Stupid Krap www.stupidkrap.com
'Heroes Play Solo' 
Spray-paint on vintage guitar body
All hand cut stencils 
'Surreal Stare'
Spray paint on linen - 50x50cm
Multilayer stencil all handcut 
Happy by EINE spotted on my recent trip to london
'Beauty Is Only Skin Deep' - Spray paint on Vinyl Record
available to here http://www.cleancutvisuals.bigcartel.com/product/beauty-is-only-skin-deep
Stencil/Paper Cut - Rosie Huntington-Whiteley 
'Beauty Is Only Skin Deep' - Spray paint on 12in vinyl
available here http://www.cleancutvisuals.bigcartel.com/product/beauty-is-only-skin-deep
'Painting The Roses Red' - Spray paint on paper